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 Identité visuelle Pinot Noir
Bouteille de Pinot Noir Located on plots with limestone soil, with a production limited to 0.8 kg per square meter, our PINOT NOIR illustrates its soil gifts in a structure that highlights its aromas of red and black fruits, a superb matter in mouth with beautiful tannins. 37,5 cl   CHF 9.50
50 cl   CHF 13.00
75 cl   CHF 18.00
140 cl   CHF 38.00

Identité visuelle Mondeuse
 Bouteille de Mondeuse From a vigorous grape variety, our MONDEUSE develops admirably on the Yvorne's limestone scree. The result is a magnificent wine, whose nose expresses violet, blackberry, black berries, with peppery notes. With these complex aromas, the mouth echoes in dense sensations, powerful, liquorice and spicy against enveloping tannins. 75 cl   CHF 19.00

 Identité visuelle Galaxie
Bouteille de Galaxie Four red grape varieties make up our splendid GALAXIE (Gamaret, Cabernet Sauvignon, Diolinoir, Merlot) raised in oak barrels during twelve month. Prodigal in ripe fruit and spices aromas, toasted and smoky notes, the complexity is found in a deep and harmonious mouth, built on soft and velvety tannins. 37,5 cl   CHF 14.00
75 cl   CHF 27.00
140 cl    CHF  56.00

Identité visuelle Oeil de Perdrix
Bouteille d'Oeil de Perdrix The direct pressing of Pinot Noir produces our OEIL DE PERDRIX of a fairy color, with gourmand scents and delicate quince notes. The conquering vinosity of Pinot Noir bursts into fresh exuberance. 50 cl   CHF 12.00

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